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Top Quality Roofing LLC provides roof repair, inspection, and installation services for residents of the Lakeland, TN area. Powerful springtime wind storms have proven the need for professional roofing contractors to ensure your home stays safe and dry through even the harshest weather conditions. Lakeland can depend on Top Quality Roofing LLC to install quality traditional or metal roofing that will stand the test of time.

Top Quality Roofing LLC can help with residential and commercial roofing needs, including work with insurance company claims. Top Quality Roofing is committed to offering top-notch roofing work, using high-quality materials. The company also strives to leave the smallest possible footprint, taking care to avoid damaging other property and using eco-friendly materials and methods.


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Take the first step
310 Kendall St McComb, MS 39648
From I-55 N

  • Travel north on I-55 N.
  • Take exit 17 for Delaware Ave toward Downtown/McComb.
  • Turn right onto Delaware Ave.
  • Take the first left onto Marion Ave. and continue onward, passing the Southwest Mississippi Regional Medical Center.
  • Turn right onto Aston Ave. Take the second left onto Kendall St.
  • Top Quality Roofing LLC will be on the right.

From US-51 S

  • Travel south on US-51 S toward George Edward Rd.
  • Turn right onto West Avenue N.
  • Take the third right onto White St.
  • Before getting to Fresenius Medical Care, take the first left onto Kendall St.
  • Top Quality Roofing LLC will be on the left.

Pike County, Mississippi is host to McComb, a city with roughly 13,000 residents as of the latest census reports. As a Top Quality Roofing service area McComb is located 80 miles south of Jackson, and 20 miles north of the Tennessee state line.

The Beginning

McComb came to be thanks to Henry Simpson McComb, a former Union Colonel who took interest in railroads after the Civil War. Henry McComb took over as president of the New Orleans, Jackson, and Great Northern railroad, which ran between Canton, MS and New Orleans, LA. When Henry McComb took over as president, he wanted to move the railroad shops away from the saloons, which he felt were immoral, and the high cost of living in New Orleans. He bought property in Pike County, Mississippi due to its isolation from big cities. Three close communities agreed to join together and McComb officially became a town on April 5, 1872.

Benefits Of McComb

Other than the railroad, McComb also has a rich history in R&B music. Most notably for being the birthplace of blues legend Bo Diddley, which earned McComb a spot on the Mississippi Blue Trail. Diddley is considered by many to be the inventor of blues rock. McComb was the place of his last public performance before his death in 2008 and the downtown pavilion is name after him. McComb is the birthplace of Jimmy Boyd, who recorded the hit “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” when he was only 13 years old. Also, from McComb is R&B singer Brandy Norwood who is not only is a famous singer but also starred in the sitcom Moesha. Most recently to become famous from McComb is American Idol finalist La’Porsha Renae. McComb is also home to Parklane Academy, where Britney Spears attended school.

Lakeland Tennessee and Top Quality Roofing

Lakeland, Tennessee has a long, rich history of local start-up business from local residents that serve the Shelby County area and helped the area grow and thrive. Among those is Top Quality Roofing a local roofing company that services the Mid South Tennessee areas including Lakeland and Shelby County. Top Quality Roofing has been in business in the Lakeland area for years. Top Quality Roofing has done roof replacements for many of Shelby County and Lakeland homes and businesses. From small home projects with shingle and metal roofs to large business projects including restaurants,

large auto shops, and grocery stores. Top Quality Roofing owners and employees have been longtime residents of the area.

Downtown McComb for Top Quality Roofing service area McComb
Train Engine
Downtown McComb for Top Quality Roofing service area McComb
Downtown McComb

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