Roof Repairs

Should you repair or replace your roof? This is the first question that needs to be answered.


Ceiling Stain

Germantown, Cordova, and the Memphis areas of Tennesee are constantly getting hammered with massive rains and strong wind storms sometimes causing a leaky roof.

When water is leaking through your roof to the inside of your home, panic sets in for many local homeowners. What kind of water damage is already done to my ceiling and insulation, what future water damage will happen due to this roof leak, and most important, how much will this cost?

Let me start with this: all roof leaks are important to us, we know what is on the line for homeowners, and we are here first, to help you understand what is going on with your roofing system, and then to advise you how to fix the leak.

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Roof Repair: What is the First Step?

You have already started the process by calling and setting an appointment with a Top Quality Roofing professional who can walk you through the entire roof repair process. Our field representative will first call you to confirm the appointment time. When he arrives at your home, he will knock on your door, and introduce himself to you and give you his business card.

It is important to Top Quality Roofing that you know who is coming to your home. Before he ever gets there, you will receive by email not only a picture of your field representative but also his bio and a video of what working with you means to him.


Meeting The Homeowner

Roof Repair: Gathering Information

Next, your field representative will ask you some questions to get a history of what has been going on, such as the age of your roof and any active roof leaks that you know of, including any leaks that may have been repaired in the past.

He will ask you to walk him around your home to see if there are any other ceiling stains that may have been missed.

He will also ask to walk around the outside of your home, pointing out any obvious roof-related problems he sees from the ground.

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Poorly Done Roof Repair

Sometimes, the problem will be as obvious as in this chimney picture. A repair was attempted here, and as you can see, it was done cheaply and incorrectly, setting the stage for a more expensive repair in the future.


Mold On The Roof Sheathing

Roof Repair: Checking Out That Attic

Next, your field representative will need to get access to your attic. He will need to inspect your attic for active water leaks, current roof decking damage, and past water damage that might need to be repaired from any roof leaks.


Professional Roof Inspection

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Next, your field rep will do a full inspection of your roof. In this step, he will narrow down where the roof problem is and why water is getting into your home. Your Top Quality Roofing representative will make a complete list of any roof-related issues that he finds.


Explaining The Problem

Then, your Top Quality Roofing field rep will put his recommendations together, along with a complete price for repairs. He will then meet with you to discuss your options. Your Top Quality Roofing representative will go over all items that will help make the decision whether to repair or replace your roof. Knowing whether you have storm-related damage that should be an insurance claim and the estimated life expectancy of your roof will help in the decision to repair it or not.


Top Quality Roofing Roof In A Bag

Your Top Quality Roofing professional will gather samples related to the problems going on with your roof to show you. At Top Quality Roofing we want you to know everything that we know that is going on with your roof. A recommendation from Top Quality Roofing about your roof is exactly how we would do it if it were our own roof.

Take The Next Step

Your rep will show you a sample of each product that we would use in the roof repair process.


Explaining The Repair

The next step in the roof repair process is to sign a contract and get on our schedule if you are happy with the repairs and pricing are shown to you by your Top Quality Roofing field representative. In many cases, we can get the repair done within 72 hours and if there is an active leak, we do our best to move that up on the roof repair schedule.

At Top Quality Roofing, we treat every repair appointment like it is a single mom that we are dealing with. Our job is to comfort you first and then show you what is going on. We understand at Top Quality Roofing that your home is your safety zone. We realize that this can be a very trying time for you.

Top Quality Roofing is not only going to repair your roof the right way with the best materials available, but we are also going to show you exactly how we do it, step by step. At the end of a Top Quality Roofing roof repair, we want you to have pictures to prove to you how we did our job.

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